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First migrant and refugee parliament

Razia Arooje represented Female Fellows in the first Migrant and Refugee Parliament which took place on the 17-18 of October 2018.
In the first day of the program, the different organization working with Migrant and Refugee matters across Europe came together to discuss the European Union current approach related to Migrant and Refugees subjects, highlight the challenges and propose possible solutions to overcome them. Consequently, a resolution covering a comprehensive list of suggestions and demands for future EU approaches related to Miragnt and Refugee Subjects were issued. Female Fellows among others stressed upon the following points:

Stopping forced deportation: any deportation that puts life or dignity at risk must be stopped. Any EU or bilateral agreement and deals facilitating deportation must be canceled
Recognition and visibility for Migrants and Refugee by involving them in policy level decision making.
Respecting women rights and enforcing measures to strengthen women’s right.
Social rights for all: health, education, housing etc. have to be guaranteed to everyone.
Access to the labor market in the EU: migrant and refugee must be provided equal opportunities for work in Europe.
The refugee and migrants communities, organizations and media shall be provided financial support by EU and its member states.
To have a sustainable and successful Migration and Refugee policies the Migrant and Refugee Parliament shall be supported and take place on regular bases.

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