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Tandem-Project Bietigheim-Bissingen

We have been active in Bietigheim-Bissingen since June 2019. Masooma leads the project on site. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary and are really looking forward to the second year!

Numbers of the Tandem project Bietigheim-Bissingen



We are proud that we were able to match 14 tandems (28 women) in Bietigheim-Bissingen with a 25% parttime-job within one year!


Picnicking together, an empowering self-defense course and virtual meetings in Corona times, there was something of everything!


In addition to the tandems, there were also other hard-working participants in the project who volunteered to support events or with translating.

Tandeminterview – Zousan & Sandra


Zouzan and Sandra met at the beginning of 2020. The two were already matched in March, but were only able to meet in person in July due to the lockdown. They first met on a bike tour through Bietigheim-Bissingen to get to know their city a little better. That was one of their favourite meetings. Unfortunately, they don’t see each other very often at the moment due to the Corona crisis, but they still chat with each other regularly to stay in touch.

#tandemstory – Isi & Nazim


About the two women:
Isi and Nazim are one of the 13 tandems in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Nazim and her family came to Germany 10 months ago and live in a refugee shelter in Bietigheim. Her daughter Ghazal goes to school here and speaks German quite well. She likes to translate for her mother in case she doesn’t understand something. Her parents are now attending a German course and are already able to speak a little in the new language.

The Female Fellows tandem project was able to find a volunteer tandem partner for Nazim and her daughter Ghazal: Isi, who has lived in Bietigheim for 10 years!

Nazim, her husband Reza and Ghazal are very interested in learning German and settling in Bietigheim. At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, mother and daughter actively participated in the monthly events of Female Fellows, in meetings for cultural exchange and in a self-defense workshop.

Tandem activities:
The two women met through Female Fellows. Before the Covid-19 lockdown, they met almost every week, either for a little excursion in the area, outdoors, at Isi’s home or at Nazim and her family’s accommodation. They speak German and also use “Google Translate” when they are together or when they are on the phone.

Nazim tells us: “Isi and her husband are our first and only German contacts. We are glad we met her. They are like our own family. We share our culture with them. For example, I showed them Haft-sin, they were very interested and liked it very much. We celebrated Mother’s Day with them. Isi brought us masks when there were no masks and nobody had masks. Isis daughter sewed the masks for us. “

Nazim continues: “We think of them directly when we have questions or when we receive letters that we do not understand. My daughter and husband are also very happy to have met Isi and her husband. We have happy times when we are together. “

Of course, Covid 19 also influenced the newly formed friendship, but they didn’t let the contact fall asleep and stayed in touch online via WhatsApp and video chats.

Female Fellows supported the language communication during the video chat and it was a lot of fun.

Nazim and Ghazal are very happy that they are in contact with each other. Isi doesn’t want to be without Nazim, Ghazal and Reza either, she says: “I was consciously looking to be in contact with a woman with a family from the refugee accommodation. How nice that it happened to be the Iranian Nazim! It’s a mutual give and take that brings us closer together. I would like them to get to know and understand Germans and Germany. And above all from the cosmopolitan, hospitable and “curious” side. To be honest, we know a lot, but far too little about Iran and the people there.

In order for us to see each other as regularly and uncomplicated as possible and at a distance of 1.5m during the Corona crisis, we offered Nazim’s family a piece of our garden. Not just so that the family has fresh vegetables. Nazim and her family can come here anytime to look after their little piece. The radishes are already growing! A short call beforehand is enough. Now let’s hope that Corona will soon be over and that we can meet again like normal people, with a little hug, standing together, coffee and cake, working in the garden together and so on. The Ramadan time was a bit unusual – guests come and you shouldn’t offer anything to eat or drink.”

Isi also is in touch with the family’s social worker and tries to support the family both with their asylum application and with their daily activities. Their contact is more than what the Female Fellows project expects.



Juni 2020

Picnic & Breakdance

Finally, after a long Corona break, we were able to meet again with our tandems for a picnic. We had a lot of fun with a little breakdance workshop, snacks and interesting conversations.

Januar 2020


Just in time for Advent season, our tandem partners were able to diligently bake cookies together with the professionals in the bakery of Café Blatter.

November 2019


We laughed a lot, sweated a little but learned so much! And we all left the workshop as stronger women. Such joint actions not only promote cultural exchange, but also weld together!

Juli 2019


In addition to delicacies from all over the world, we remember the indescribably beautiful voice of Ghofrane May. She enriched our meeting with her concert and touched hearts with her sounds.

Juni 2019

Female Fellows Start in BiBi

In June 2019 we had our first kick-off event in Bietigheim-Bissingen. It was so nice how warmly our project was received in BiBi – since June Masooma is your local contact person.


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