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Tandem-Project Stuttgart

The origin of our Tandem-Project lies in Stuttgart. The project was carried out as a pilot project for the first time in 2016. This all happened purely on a voluntary basis, with passion and without financial support. This is the reason the Tandem-Project in Stuttgart is the project of our hearts.

With lots of love we were able to finance a 25% staff position for one year through crowdfunding in the summer of 2019.

Numbers from the Tandem-project Stuttgart



We are proud that we were able to bring together over 100 tandems in Stuttgart within 2 years.


Picnicking together, cooking evenings, self-defense courses, women’s health workshops or computer courses – Our monthly group events take place once a month.


So far there have been over 300 participants in our tandem project, events and workshops.

#tandemstory – Yasna & Franziska


It is a quite cold October day when Jana and I meet up with Yasna and Franziska. Because it is too loud in the café, we decide to have the interview outside.

It’s already pretty cold, but thickly wrapped up and with tea and hot chocolate, Jana and I start getting to know one of our tandems better.

Franziska and Yasna tell me that their first meeting was very nice. They both went for a walk back then to get to know each other better.

 When I ask the two women how much has changed since the first time they met, they say that a lot has changed. Thoughts as to whether they would fit together, despite such different cultures, accompanied both of them. But as they got to know each other, these doubts quickly vanished.

Yasna originally comes from Afghanistan and now lives in Germany with her brother and parents. Her great passion is dancing, which she continues to pursue in Stuttgart. At first, she was very shy and reserved due to the different culture Germany offers a native Afghan woman.

Franziska only recently came back to Stuttgart, she tells us that she moved here for her job and she especially wants to get involved with other women. She then came across Female Fellows through the Internet.

When I ask Franziska what she likes about Yasna, she tells us that she admires Yasna for her strength and for what she has already achieved in her young life. Yasna smiles touched and then Yasna and Franziska give us an insight into their joint meetings and the problems they face.

Yasna and her parents lived in a shared shelter for a long time and had no place of retreat. Fortunately, something about that changed now – Yasna has her own apartment, which she is very happy about. However, she has no internet there because she lives in the basement and has no reception.

She would like to have a good internet connection at home, because it would make it easier for her to communicate with her friends and relatives from Afghanistan and of course with her parents.


Not only therefore, but also for the German course she often needs better internet than the mobile one she has. She often needs to look up words or would like to watch videos with which she can learn German. Yasna is currently doing a German course and would like to do an apprenticeship in the future.

Franziska helps her find an affordable internet provider, but it is not very easy. Both would wish for more support.

I will not soon forget the atmosphere that this intimate conversation created for us. You can tell that Yasna and Franziska have grown very fond of each other and that they are both very happy to have met.

Both women have a lot of fun meeting each other. All in all, it was a very nice encounter and Jana and I are excited to see who we will get to know next.



Juli 2020

comeback picnic

In July the time had finally come again! After a long ‘corona break’, we were finally able to meet our Stuttgart tandems again in person! It was especially nice to get to know a lot of new tandems! There was even a surprise visit from Bietigheim-Bissingen. We had a lot of fun together…

Februar 2020


Thread, needles and a lot of patience! Ghoufran organized her own “knitting workshop” with her mother. Here our team was able to learn traditional knitting art.

November 2019


Our Christmas market was a complete success – we would not have managed it without the many volunteer helpers who baked so much, packed everything and ultimately built a wonderful stand and baked waffles for two days in the cold like world champions – and all of this for a good cause!



We laughed a lot, sweated a little but learned so much! And we all left the workshop as stronger women. Such joint actions not only promote cultural exchange, but also weld together!

November 2019


Scraps of cloth, irons, and wax: We made our own beeswax wraps as a sustainable alternative to cling film.

Juli 2019


At the Afghan New Year’s Festival, our female fellows were thrown straight into the deep end. With no introduction to traditional Afghan dance, everyone had to dance right in the middle and the rest of the group formed a circle and crouched down. Then it was the next one’s turn. We had a lot of fun together…

Mai 2019


Goufran actively supports us as part of the empowerment project of the city of Stuttgart. The donated computer was inaugurated immediately: A short crash course in the use of email programs, Excel and office programs forms the digital basis.

Febrauar 2019


What a funny day – Female Fellows celebrates Carnival with colourful costumes, a photo box and make-up for the children!

Januar 2019


A special thank you to the Klett Group for the great book donation – our tandems are already busy practicing German.

Dezember 2018


At the end of the year we all organized a little Female Fellows Christmas party together. There was a Secret Santa and a bingo event with great prizes to be won.

November 2018


In November we had a really nice come together on the premises of the community foundation. The reason for this get together were women’s health issues. The result was a great exchange with a great atmosphere and wonderful women. It was also a great opportunity for the tandems to get to know each other.

Oktober 2018


In October 2018 we organized a cozy cooking evening at Caro’s. Our girls from Afghanistan taught us how to prepare their specialty: “Bolani”.

Oktober 2018


A highlight at the “Day of Cultures” at the Volkshochschule (adult education centre) in Stuttgart was the dance performance by our Afghan female fellows. With beautifully embroidered traditional clothes they danced traditional Afghan dance. There was a wonderful exchange between cultures through dance, food, and language…

Sommer 2018

Welcome Picknicks

Bright sunshine, a delicious picnic, and great women! We got an introduction to traditional dance with everyone holding hands. It was a great community feeling – barefoot on the meadow!


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